Polarization tips and polarization distortions

Polarization tips

Since most Ra readers view service to others or STO polarization as the ticket to fourth density, here are a few strategies to maximize your polarity:

Perhaps these examples are the opposite of what you’d associate with polarization. And that is the point: the Ra material uses the term polarization in contradictory ways.

On the one hand, we can come away from the Ra material believing that to polarize is to spiritually evolve. On the other hand, as illustrated above and by the divisiveness of our increasingly polarized society, to polarize is to take a spin on the wheel of catalyst.

The source of the STO concept

The concept of a 51% STO requirement came from Oahspe: A New Bible, an American dentist’s 1882 automatic writing of the Words of Jehovih. Carla and Don extensively quoted Oahspe in Voices of the Confederation (drafted 1975; published 2016) and in Secrets of the UFO (1977) , including this Oahspe excerpt:

Jehovih had so made man and angels that, whosoever had learned to abnegate self and to labor for the good of others, was already above grade fifty, and his ascension should be perpetual thereafter; whilst they that were below grade fifty, who had not put away self, should gravitate downward, toward the earth. P.205

Carla and Don brought this concept to the Ra material. 17.31–33

What is polarization?

The terms polarity, polarization, and to polarize dominate the Ra material, yet Ra does not define them. A search for contextual clues leads to contradiction (as demonstrated by in the chasm between the tips above and the idea that polarization is spiritual evolution). Nor is there a singular dictionary definition: the concept has variant meanings across multiple disciplines.

What we can say is that poles are complete opposites. Extremes. Not mere differences, but polar opposites. 180° apart. On a clock face, 12 and 6. On a color wheel, red and cyan, and every other pair of complementary opposites. In mathematics, geometry, and geology, the diametrically opposite points of a circle or sphere, such as the North and South Poles, are poles or antipodes.

To polarize is to separate, to divide sharply: right wing and left wing; right and wrong; good and evil, negative and positive. Polarized sunglasses accept only vertically-oriented light waves while reflecting other waves. An antenna receives only the TV or radio signal to which it is polarized. Polarization refers to the state of being divided into two sharply distinct (polarized) opposites.

Service to self (STS), the concept the Ra material sets out as a mirror to STO, is claimed to require 95% polarization. Thoughts and actions must follow one pattern 95% of the time: this is accurately called polarization. It’s illogical to refer to 51% STO as polarization. In no context does the word polar or its relatives mean fair-to-middling. Did Ra’s sixth density intelligence fail when speaking of this concept? Or was it simply that Ra’s message was altered by the channel it swam through?

The Ra material’s polarization concept is contradictory

What does the Ra material mean by polarization, polarity, polarizing? I searched for an understanding congruent with every mention of the term in the material. I wanted there to be an explanation, even an obscure scientific meaning or an unusual application. My desire combined with my lack of understanding to powerfully energize my search for an answer — which is, after all, how polarity creates work. 78.24

Again and again, definitions that worked in some contexts did not work in other contexts. I wrang my hands, frustrated to have faithfully sought — extensively, exhaustively sought — yet come up empty. While sitting with this catalyst, I realized I knew the answer; I just had to accept it: the Ra material is contradictory.

There is no way to align a concept of polarization as the path of unity with polarization as a separation of service to others or to self. There is no way to follow Ra’s advice that we must not pick and choose among attributes 5.2 while also identifying with STO or STS. There is no way to merge self with other-self 15.14 and at the same time choose to serve only other or self. There is no way that we can act according to whether or not we are serving others when it is quite impossible to judge the polarity of an act or an entity, just as it is impossible to judge the relative goodness of the negative and positive poles of the magnet. 93.3 We cannot calculate a percentage of service while heeding Ra’s warning against seek[ing] with measure and pen. 3.9 We cannot believe that on the one hand our ticket to fourth density or the key to spiritual evolution is to ‘polarize’ or to choose a path of ‘service’ while also understanding Ra’s comment that This attitude in itself is full of the stuff of your third-density illusion. 100.9

Discern for yourself

These are not paradoxes in which somehow both sides are valid. The answer is not to try to reconcile contradictory information. Instead, perhaps we can recognize a couple of big hints that Ra drops at the very beginning: In truth there is no right or wrong. There is no polarity, 1.7 and second, even the Ra material is distorted. 2.1

So, when Don (not Ra) introduces the concept of a measurement of polarization, 17.31–34 what do we make of it? Can we sort distortion from truth? Do we remember that Ra has already said that we are all things and must discover this completeness within yourself, 5.2 or do we be only good and do good deeds so that we make it into heavenstrike that! — fourth density? Do we believe Oahspe? Do we listen to religion and its divisive, distorted concepts of good and evil, or do we recognize that those were the distortions of the channel and not truly Ra’s words?

I view these contradictions as yet another reminder that we must discern for ourselves. You are the only authority. There is no such thing as a completely reliable source. In our third density experience, truth is interwoven with distortion. Not even the rational mind can discriminate between truth and distortion — we must bring in the power of the intuition, the nature of the mind more in contact, or in tune, with the total beingness complex.  30.2 15.14 19.11 In doing so we can glean the truth amid the distortion.