Not of the love or of the light

The usual explanation misses the point

Why does Ra say We are not those of the Love or the Light? 1.1 Ra is simply stating that he is not of the love density (fourth) or the light density (fifth), says nearly every Ra interpreter.

This explanation misses the point of Ra’s statement.

Why would Ra, Ra who speaks with extraordinary precision, not simply say, ‘I am of the sixth density,’ if that were his point? Why would Ra, Ra who for years searched for a compatible channeling group, 1.0 6.20 71.21 Ra who can scan the human mind, 12.32 33.10 Ra who knew Carla, Don, and Jim more deeply than they knew themselves, 9.2 begin the long-awaited channeling with phrasing that was sure to offend?

Ra’s intentional, direct provocation

The idea of being not of the Love or of the Light 1.1 was so problematic to Carla that she initially rejected Ra’s contact. P.75–6 The statement was so challenging to L/L Research that they omitted the sentence from the original and 2020 printings, not even including it with Book V’s restored fragments. In the two L/L Research sources in which the line does appear, it is presented as We are not those of the Love [density] or of the Light [density] and footnoted to add clarity to what we believe to be Ra’s intended meaning. P.25 But density is not the point of Ra’s statement.

I believe that We are not those of the Love or the Light 1.1 is an intentional, direct provocation of the channeling group, particularly Carla.

Love and light were Carla’s most cherished concepts. She and Don had, 11 years earlier, named their partnership according to these words. P.49 She dedicated her channeling to love and light. 2.8.2008 When preparing to channel, Carla asked for the highest and best contact which I can receive of Jesus the Christ’s vibration of unconditional love P.8 that is, she asked for contact at the level of fourth density, the poles of which are love and light. 3.10 17.12

Ra’s response, We are not those of the Love or the Light, 1.1 is directly confrontational to Carla, a challenge to what she held most dear. With the greatest possible clarity and in his honor/duty to respect Carla’s free will, Ra informs Carla that he is not that what she seeks, requiring that she make a fully informed and articulated choice to reject Ra or to nonetheless accept the contact.

Carla’s initial rejection of Ra

This was not Carla’s first clash with Ra. Minutes before she spoke We are not those of the Love or the Light, 1.1 Carla and Ra mentally tussled over whether the contact would proceed. When Ra first knock-knock-knock[ed] on my inner door on January 15, 1981, there was a mutual rejection of sorts, aacording to Carla: Ra was indignant about Carla’s challenge and Carla interpreted the name Ra as fairly negatively oriented. Carla opened up to them only when she felt satisfied with Ra’s answer to three more challenges. P.75–6

Neither was this Carla’s first encounter with the name Ra. I kept getting, I am Ra. I’m thinking, I don’t want to talk to a Ra, she told Gary Bean in Tilting at Windmills, …not something I wanted to encourage. P.75

Carla had been warned about Ra by Oahspe: A New Bible, the 1882 automatic writing of the Words of Jehovih by an American dentist. Carla quoted Oahspe extensively in Secrets of the UFO (1977) and Voices of the Confederation (drafted 1975; published 2016). Oahspe provided the name for Don and Carla’s early ’70s Louisville meditation circle P.63 and heavily influenced the Ra material. Here’s what Oahspe says about Ra:

From that very same Oahspe Book of Aph, Son of Jehovih, Carla and Don lifted the Hidan of Maukbeiangjow 2:13 name for the goofball ’70s sci-fi spoof which they wrote and produced and in which Carla starred. (A trailer for the 1973 flick playfully addresses why it was retitled Invasion of the Girl Snatchers.) Aph the wizard can be seen in the trailer and two clips delivering the archaic and invented language from his namesake Oahspe chapter, Book of Aph, 15: 2:1 2:13 8:1 as well as from Oahspe’s Book of Thor 13:12 and Book of Osiris. 2:28 I decided I’d take all of the language from Oahspe and make him [Aph] be very high-flown, Carla said in an interview about the film. So a lot of Aph’s language is right out of Oahspe.

A choice to proceed, with conditions

Ra alone is sin? Delight in being bad? And now, We are not those of the Love or the Light? 1.1 Of course Carla’s shield was raised. Ra was fully aware of what he was doing. Fortunately for those who appreciate the Ra material, Carla chose to nonetheless allow the contact.

This allowance does not mean that Carla stepped aside and transparently voiced Ra’s words. Carla’s shaping of the material — while in and out of trance — is an extensive discussion outside of the scope of this piece, but as a single example, consider that Carla believed that Ra’s basic message is love, love, love. P.350 That was not an initial misunderstanding — it was a statement she made in 2014, after 30 years with the Ra material. Actually, love, love, love was Carla’s lifelong trademark, as is abundantly clear from her books, interviews, and conscious channelings, and Carla wanted that to be Ra’s also — even though it actually was not. Carla first fought with Ra over We are not those of the Love or the Light, and she continued that fight for the rest of her life.