Dawn of third

This is primarily a documentation of the history offered by the Ra material and other metaphysical sources. It must be emphasized that although this information can be intriguing, it is transient. The important aspects are the choices that were made in the beginning and the reverberations felt still today.

Timing and population

Yahwehan man’s third-density cycle on Earth began upon transfer from Mars 75,000 to 76,000 years ago. 9.11–13 Additional Blue Planet inhabitants at that time included native humans and immigrants from other spheres, according to Ra and Q’uo:

The immigrants from the Red Planet comprised half of Earth’s human population at the beginning of this third density cycle, according to the Ra material. The other half was split between entities from other planets and native Earthlings. 20.20 As Ra states,

You are not all one race or background of beginning. The experience you share is unique to this time/space continuum. 6.13

Natural body form

The ape-human or bipedal human form has been the popular third-density body among the Sun’s sub-logoi during this time, per the Ra material, 90.12 Eracidni Murev Te, 132 and L/L Research conscious channeling sources Q’uo 2017 and L/Leema. 1985

Eracidni Murev Te states that the human form is the primary physical form in which individuations of Yahweh incarnate. 132 Q’uo states that the erect ape form has been used for third density throughout this solar system, including on Earth, Mars, Maldek, Venus and Saturn 2017 — though the last two we find dubious.

(Another third-density body form, the cetaceans, includes whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Their self-consciousness is discussed by Q’uo, 2009 Latwii, 1981 and other metaphysical sources, including the Michael Teachings, Seth, S.730 Lyssa Royal’s Prism of Lyra, and The Only Planet of Choice.)

The physical vehicle — whether biped or cetacean or any other format, presumably — must facilitate the evolutionary requirement for third-density entities, according to Ra:

There is one necessity for third density. That necessity is self-awareness, or self-consciousness. In order to be capable of such, this chemical complex of body must be capable of the abstract thought. Thus, the fundamental necessity is the combination of rational and intuitive thinking. This was transitory in the second-density forms operating largely upon intuition which proved through practice to yield results.

The third-density mind was capable of processing information in such a way as to think abstractly and in what could be termed useless ways, in the sense of survival. This is the primary requisite. 19.11

The Complex Mind explores the formative event 2021 of the division of the mind and implementation of the veil.

Ra mentions other important ingredients of the ape-human form, including a weaker physical vehicle and increased physical dexterity of the hands: 19.11

Third density marks the farthest apparent separation from the All, and the personal body and the extended body (i.e., the physical environment) are key to this experience. Ra characterizes the bodily and mental changes as further intensifying the veiling process, 90.12 so that the means of discovering the other self nature of all entities surrounding such entities is enhanced, 2017 according to Q’uo’s elaboration.

Similar to Ra’s description of a weaker physical vehicle to encourage the use of the mind, 19.11 Spirit Wisdom II speaks of the body’s vulnerability as an intentional design: Humanity is unique in that it is given a maladapted body for the planet on which it lives, which forces creative adaptation and use of tools and materials to fashion shelter and clothing, acquire food, and so on, writes channel Ramón Stevens. This requires a region of the probable brain devoted to intellect, to decision making, to creativity, to projecting the consequences of actions: in short, human thought. P.62–63

The body evolves in sync with the Earth’s own evolution, per Spirit Wisdom II. The human experience through time rides atop a gradual acceleration of Earth’s core frequency, Stevens states, which in turn slowly accelerates the body’s core energies. As the body accelerates, it becomes less dense, less bound to matter, and therefore nudges closer to the frequencies of sound and light. P.147

Ra, too, describes a gradual evolution in which Earth’s native body naturally took on the characteristics required for third density. There were among those upon this second-density plane those forms which when exposed to third-density vibrations became the third-density human entities, 19.9 Ra states, a change which occurred within a generation and one-half. 19.10

Ra considers this transition to be very short, in our terms at least. 19.10 But Ra also speaks of the gradual raising of the bipedal forms upon your second-density level to third-density level. 14.3 Are these comments compatible? For example, if your grandparents or grandchildren were an entirely different species than you, would you consider that a gradual change?

In any case, the bottom line is that in a normal transfiguration, 19.9 according to Ra, the physical forms of the second-density Earthlings gradually 14.3 transition to third-density human bodies.

Yahweh’s manipulation

However, Earth’s third-density physical vehicle did not follow a normal transfiguration. That evolutionary line was interrupted 2006.02 by Yahweh’s 1989 9.7 genetic manipulation 18.18 2006 to create more intelligent and vigorous bodies. 2023

The Martians’ previous bodies, having already evolved through half of a third-density cycle, 20.19 30.14 would have been far more modern than the ape-like Earth bodies. Compare today’s human form to the Neanderthal, for example. We hypothesize that the immigrant entities, who had created advanced weaponry and a complex civilization on Mars, judged the native body as too primitive and thus accelerated its development. Rather than allowing the body to naturally, gradually evolve — gain facial articulation, stand fully upright, fine-tune its dexterity, grow in mental capacity 2006.03 and acuity, and speak more easily 2006.02 — Yahweh embarked upon an apparent shortcut, a physical solution to his judgment that the native body was not good enough.

The Martian entities were transferred 21.8 to the cloned bodies, 9.7 18.15 Ra states, melding the social memory complex of the guardian race and the Red Planet race. 9.9 Thus, entities incarnated in the image of the Yahweh entities. 18.15

The Ra material’s account can be interpreted as correlating with the biblical creation stories:

Are the native Earthlings of the Ra material the humans of Genesis 1? Does Lord indicate Yahweh, as many sources state? Do the breathing and blowing in Genesis 2 and Secret Book of John correspond with Ra’s statement that entities incarnated in the image of the Yahweh entities? 18.15 Is the formation of Eve from Adam’s rib what Ra refers to as cloning? 18.20 9.7

The Yahwehan body became Earth’s standard form for terrestrial third-density. 2006.03 Q’uo states that the Earth natives chose the Yahwehan body after unspecified generations in ape-type forms, and that the immigrants from other planets also viewed the genetically-manipulated body of the former Martians to be the model more highly developed and easier to use, to the extent that the [ape-type] second-density bodies did not receive ensouled beings and simply reverted to second-density animals carrying second-density souls. 2006.02

As Alice Bailey observes in 1936’s Esoteric Astrology,

Mars is definitely the planet which rules and controls the physical vehicle. P.210

Also telling is that the literal meaning of the name Adam is red, P.25 according to perennialist René Guénon. Does this meaning refer to the color of the clay or dust from which Adam was formed, or does it allude to the Red Planet? Guénon connects the meaning to the Atlantean red race, which Q’uo links multiple times to the former Martians.

For the Earthlings, the non-Martian immigrants, and Wanderers, 16.59 the new physical vehicle carried with it a new ideology, since in stepping into the DNA of the Martian consciousness, the entities also melded their native archetypical mind with that of Yahweh. The Yahwehan archetypical mind became their (our) logos and the planetary logos of Earth. These physical, mental, and ideological changes have had lasting effects.


The Yahwehan logos profoundly affected Earth by making too many improvements on physical vehicles and creating pride and arrogance as a birthright of the new and improved human species, according to Q’uo. You may still see those energies playing themselves out in your Earth world at this time. 2006.03

Q’uo offers several points of comparison between the native Earthling and the Yahwehan. While the Earthlings sought peaceful means of resolving differences of opinion, Q’uo states, the Yahwehans were inclined toward open hostility. While the Earthlings recognized that all have a place in nature, the Yahwehan attitude was that you may take whatever place you can defend and make it your own. Q’uo also describes the Earthlings’ humble nature compared to the Yahwehans’ arrogance, 2006.02 adding that the Yahwehans felt privileged and special. And they created within themselves an attitude of better than. 2006.03

Ra also speaks of those who viewed themselves as special and different, attributing these biases to the genetic cloning. The one known as Yahweh felt a great responsibility to these entities. 24.6

Q’uo labels Yahweh’s manipulation a disaster where those who were somewhat superior mentally or physically simply became bellicose and worldly, adding that the entity, whose name was described Yod-he-vau-heh, moves still in this density attempting insofar as it may to correct the damage it has done. 1989

Abrahamic (Yahwehan) religions’ dogma, judgment, superiority complex, and fire-and-brimstone proselytizing are basically the end result of Yahweh’s manipulations at the start of Earth’s third density, 2006.03 according to Q’uo.

Lessons not learned

Yahweh felt a great responsibility to these entities affected by the genetic manipulation and resulting biases, Ra states. Some 3,300 years ago 24.6 Yahweh rebranded as Yod Heh Shin Vau Heh 24.9 and He comes and began to send positively oriented philosophy. 24.6 However, Yahweh again attempted to correct ideological distortions through physical means: choosing to raise up entities which were superior. According to the Ra material, Yod Heh Shin Vau Heh himself came among your people in form according to incarnate being and mated in the normal reproductive manner of your physical complexes, thus birthing a generation of much larger beings, these beings called Anak. 24.9 18.20

  1. Ra’s account appears to correspond with Genesis’ description that there were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. Gen.6:4

Upon encountering these beings, Moses’ men report, And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight. Num.13:33

Ra states that the experiment was a decided failure because it was a great temptation to consider the so-called social complex or subcomplex as elite or different and better than other selves. 18.21 According to Genesis, Yahweh himself judged the results: Gen.6:4

God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. And the Lord said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them. Gen.6:5–7

So Yahweh regrets his meddling, but instead of taking responsibility and learning from his mistakes, he scapegoats the wickedness of man. The Ra material, meanwhile, blames Orion for inculcat[ing] the thoughts of the elite. 18.22–25 To balance the wickedness, Yahweh once again pursues a physical solution: every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth. Gen.7:4 Next, the flood.

The superiority complex of this second strain of genetically manipulated entities was balanced in part when they were targeted and thus became what you may call the underdogs, Ra states, thereby letting the feelings of gratitude for their neighbors, their family, and their One Creator begin to heal the feelings of elitism which led to the distortions of power over others which had caused their own bellicosity. 24.17

They separated out one group from another in a way which the creative principle would never have done, Q’uo observes regarding Yahweh’s. Why it did not occur to these guardian entities that this would involve war-like actions such as the slaughter of many innocents, we cannot say. However it was so that your history and the psychic energies of these groups of peoples were altered forever by this interference. 2004

Heritage of Earth today

The heritage of today’s Earthlings has fluctuated over the course of the grand cycle. Gradual transfer during the past 75,000 years has brought over two billion entities from Maldek and approximately 1.9 billion from many portions of the creation, 59.5 according to Ra and Q’uo. A large number of these entities are repeating the third-density cycle; 10.6 2005 the remainder are those who have experienced the first two cycles upon this sphere or who have come in at some point as Wanderers. 59.4–5 Ra’s information confirms Seth’s statement from a decade earlier:

Your human stock did not all originate solely from your planet.… In that respect your ancestry is indeed varied. S.604

Ra also specifies that there are three major planetary influences upon your planetary sphere, besides those of your own second-density derivation, and 13 minor planetary groups in addition to the above. 91.13 1997

Presumably, two of the three major planetary influences are Mars and Maldek, 10.6 both of which were rendered unviable to support life. 2023 2005 Maldek, also referred to as Marduk and Tiamat, was destroyed by the use of the nuclear and crystal-powered weapons, according to a Latwii channeling. 1986 The devastation that wracked their biosphere and caused its disintegration resulted from what you call war, 10.1 Ra states. Per the Phaeton hypothesis and per Q’uo, 1986 the asteroid belt is the remnants of Maldek.

Eracidni Murev Te suggests that Yahwehan man began on Maldek. 132 We believe it is likely that the same aggression that destroyed Maldek 21.5 then destroyed Mars’ atmosphere, and is now expressed on Earth. This history may be manifesting as the popular attraction to returning to Mars and rebuilding the planet’s atmosphere. Could this be a calling to correct the mistakes of the past, or to balance karma from lives on Maldek or Mars? Q’uo confirms this is so: 2005

Ra, too, states that the Martian heritage is still felt. The planetary influences from which those of Mars experience memory have some effect upon these third-density physical bodily complexes. This race has given its genetic material to many bodies upon your plane. 64.14 The inclination of some humans toward a 25-hour diurnal cycle, per Don’s question, may be another example of this, since the Martian day is about 40 minutes longer than Earth’s.

Earth has long been a melting pot for those seeking third-density experience — especially among those who must repeat the cycle, 10.6 as Ra and others state. The population of your planet, as you are aware, is drawn from many other third-density planets which have gone through the 75,000 year cycle of third density with the majority of the population failing to make the harvest and needing to find another third-density sphere upon which to incarnate, Q’uo adds, [so] that another attempt may be made to achieve fourth-density harvest. 2019 2002 1997